Celebrating 50 years of the NIEHS

 We are a proud Partner of the NIEHS, working with outstanding researchers and staying up to date with current science! With 50 Years of progress, the NIEHS celebrates as the world’s premier environmental health research organization. Research, translation and communication remain a high priority. The image below is from the annual Partners meeting at NIH, where leaders and members get together to discuss environmental health at the end of each year following monthly conferences on key topics. 

https://nihrecord.nih.gov/newsletters/2016/01_29_2016/story6.htm  (picture)


 HBCAC Documented


Building Capacity
HBCAC contributes
to literature

State of the Science

Empowering Our Youth: Guardians of the Future

Focusing on Students & Scientists Environmental Research program

Breast Cancer and the Environment: Reaching Multicultural
Advocates Mentoring Advocates

Prioritizing Prevention

Fox Chase Cancer Center a Summer Full of Research

Focusing on Students & Scientists Environmental Research program 

 Karen Miller and Laura Weinberg Bringing
Breast Cancer
Education to
Underserved Groups

Survey Mapping Project

Incytes Magazine - Prevention is
the Cure

Breast Cancer Risk: Timing and Environmental Exposures

Road Map for Prevention

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Women's Health
Journal History
of Breast Cancer

Of Mice and Women































Road Map for Prevention 

mission statement

Road Map for Prevention
is a part of Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition’s environmental education program providing stream of current health information to cancer survivors and their families, promoting a dialogue among communities to help reduce toxic exposures while encouraging a new generation of health professionals.  The Road Map for Prevention provides evidence based knowledge to diverse population regarding risk factors of disease and how to optimize health.

INCLUDES: Toxic Triggers Chart, Look Before You L.E.A.P Educational Materials, I Am Fed Naturally, Organic Lawn Flag Program, Students and Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program; and Survey Mapping PublicationHBCACproducts-sm

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences produces a monthly newsletter
that highlights environmental influences that effect our health. 
Please take some time to view their monthly publication through their website