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HBCAC Documented


Building Capacity

HBCAC contributes

to literature

State of the Science


Focusing on Students & Scientists Environmental Research program 




Breast Cancer and the Environment: Reaching Multicultural Communities; Advocates Mentoring Advocates




Prioritizing Prevention



Fox Chase Cancer Center a Summer Full of Research


Focusing on Students & Scientists Environmental Research program 


Karen Miller and Laura Weinberg Bringing Breast Cancer Education to Underserved Groups










Breast Cancer Risk: Timing and Environmental Exposures


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Women's Health Journal History of Breast Cancer








Road Map for Prevention mission statement

HBCACproducts-sm Road Map for Prevention
is a part of Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition’s environmental education program providing stream of current health information to cancer survivors and their families, promoting a dialogue among communities to help reduce toxic exposures while encouraging a new generation of health professionals.  The Road Map for Prevention provides evidence based knowledge to diverse population regarding risk factors of disease and how to optimize health.

INCLUDES: Toxic Triggers Chart, Look Before You L.E.A.P Educational Materials, I Am Fed Naturally, Organic Lawn Flag Program, Students and Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program; and Survey Mapping Publication

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences produces a monthly newsletter
that highlights environmental influences that effect our health. 
Please take some time to view their monthly publication through their website