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Environmental Health is defined by the NEHA as: the science and practice of preventing human injury and illness and promoting well-being by identifying and evaluating environmental sources and hazardous agents and limiting exposures to hazardous physical, chemical, and biological agents in air, water, soil, food, and other environmental media or settings that may adversely affect human health.

Since 1999, working in partnership with other anti-cancer, environmental organizations, Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition’s campaign Prevention Is the Cure (PITC) brings fresh focus on the causes of disease rather than ways of coping with it once diagnosed.

We seek to: INCREASE public awareness of environmental links to disease, GAIN support for the “Precautionary Principle” as it applies to public policy, URGE the public to demand more funding for environmental health research, and ENCOURAGE a “better safe than sorry” attitude toward personal lifestyle.

Prevention Is The Cure suggests eight steps every person can take to reduce the risk of disease:

  • Support increased funding for environmental health research

  • Avoid exposure to toxic pesticides and toxic cleaning products

  • Avoid plastics

  • Seek and use alternative products

  • Avoid non-essential medical and dental x-rays

  • Avoid synthetic hormones in dairy and meat

  • Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables

  • Engage in moderate (one hour) daily exercise

  • Support the Precautionary Principle

*The most widely cited definition of the precautionary principle, which emerged in 1998 at the Wingspread Conference, states: “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.”

PREVENTION IS THE CURE™ provides science-based information to local citizens so they can prevent cancer in their homes and communities. We want Congress and the U.S. Department of Health to rethink their approaches to health research and public health policy by making disease prevention a cornerstone of their funding priorities.

Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition advocates for our communities through four main avenues.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin


Our Defining Moments

HBCAC started 30 years ago, when Karen Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer and walked into a gym to find other women who wanted to change the paradigm of breast cancer. Since then, HBCAC has crafted it’s own story.


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How it all began!

Prioritizing Prevention

Creating materials

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Looking towards the environment

Roadmap for Prevention

Creating educational materials.


Students and Scientists Environmental Research

Scholarship Program


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Getting involved with research.


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Long Island Teen Environmental Activists


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