Students from the Huntington and Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalitions intern at Dr. Jose Russo's lab at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Pennsylvania (Summer 2011).

Prevention Is The Cure Update

Karen Joy Miller speaks with Karl Grossman on the movement she launched emphasizing the best way to fight cancer and other largely environmentally-caused diseases, is Prevention.

Episodes of EnviroVideo presents Enviro Close-UP with Karl Grossman Produced a vdeo "A Wake-Up Story"
Other videos are available on thier youtube channel

A Wake-Up Story


A Day In The Life

A world renowned-research institute, Silent Spring, produced “A Day In The Life” which follows a woman who moves through an ordinary day and unconsciously swims through a toxic soup.

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Environmental Health Perspectives has an extensive list of podcasts called "The Researcher's Perspective Podcast Series"

A Compendium of Challenges: Assessing the State of the Science on Occupational Carcinogens
by M. Nathaniel Mead

Thyroid Insult: Flame Retardants Linked to Alterations in Pregnant Women’s TSH Levels
Kellyn S. Betts