Defining "Green" Dry Cleaning
A New Paper by Green Inside and Out Helps Long Islanders Discern the Difference

About the Author
Beth Fiteni, Founder of Green
Inside and Out Consulting

Beth has a
Masters Degree
in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School and 20 years experience working in the environmental movement for non-profit organizations in Washington, DC and New York. She has been featured in media outlets including News 12, WNBC Channel 4, Newsday, and the Long Islander.

In the world of dry cleaning, what do these
terms really mean?

Prevention is the Cure is proud to partner in the release of a new"Green Paper" authored by Beth Fiteni, the Founder of Green Inside and Out Consulting. This paper will help the average consumer understand the meaning behind the variety of "green" dry cleaning terms, as well as address other related dry cleaning issues, such as those below:
  • What is Perc and are there ways I can reduce exposure to it?
  • How can I reduce my dry cleaning plastic bag waste?
  • Where do I find "greener" dry cleaners on Long Island?
We encourage you to read the complete paper to find a list of 26 Long Island dry cleaners who use alternatives to the common dry cleaning chemical known as "Perc" (perchloroethylene) - a likely carcinogen. Then learn more about the various alternatives, the status of regulations for the dry cleaning industry, and policy recommendations.

Click here to view a video of the author in a related interview.
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“How Green is YOUR Dry-Clean?”

Finding an alternative to PERC (perchloroethylene) dry-cleaners can be very difficult, as many dry cleaners claim to be green. In the world of dry cleaning, there may well be more than 50 shades of green. Some dry cleaners have opted to us Hydrocarbon cleaners instead of PERC, but Hydrocarbons are still petrochemicals and there is not enough research to determine its health consequences. Oyster Bay’s Corniche Cleaners has opted to drop the chemicals in favor of a wet cleaning process.

Our friend and partner, Beth Fiteni of Green Inside and Out, has researched the green processes used in dry cleaning. Seeing alternatives to PERC on the markets excites her, as it marks response to consumer demands for safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners. Fiteni advocates for the state to require that dry cleaners post the chemicals they use in their cleaning process so the public can make informed choices.

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“PERC, Prom Dresses, and Possible Cancer?”

Perchloroethylene, PERC, is used to dry-clean clothing. PERC is a chemical solvent that has a strong, sweet odor, and it readily evaporates into air. PERC can harm the brain and central nervous system, damage the liver and kidneys, and The U.S. National Toxicology Program lists PERC as “may reasonably be anticipated to be a human carcinogen” in the Report on Carcinogens. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists it as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” PERC lingers in recently dry-cleaned clothing and can slowly escape into your car and home.  One of the easiest ways to avoid PERC is by choosing alternatives to dry-cleaning your clothes. Look for stores that advertise wet-cleaning, an alternative form of washing and drying that is safe for most clothing.

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At 6pm on Friday Nov. 21st, tune in to WUSB 90.1FM for Beth Fiteni’s “Green Inside and Out” Radio Show! HBCAC President Karen Joy Miller will be speaking about her advocacy, and our group's many successful efforts on environmental health awareness and "toxic triggers" of disease. Don't miss it!
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