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An educational campaign of the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition

Students & scientists

HBCAC’s Students and Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program is a place for discovery, awareness and the exchange of ideas. Work beside world-renowned researchers at a national state-of-the-art facility and learn to teach  your community. The HBCAC program focuses on the importance of environmental research and the causation of diseases.

Defining Moments

30 years of Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition!



Road Map for Prevention is a part of HBCAC's environmental education program providing stream of current health information to the community, promoting a dialogue among communities to help reduce toxic exposures while encouraging the next generation.  Here we provide evidence based knowledge to diverse population regarding risk factors of disease and how to optimize health.

"Empowering Our Youth: Encouraging Guardians of the Future." Focuses on the Students and Scientist Environmental Research Scholarship Program, taking a closer look into how programs like these have an impact on students, their families, communities and the world of science.