Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT? Hydrate yourself!

Make summer healthy!

HBCAC would like to share a series of posts in August with some of our favorite tips for maintaining a happy, healthy, and memorable summer.

As a fairly new parent, my appreciation for this time of year has truly blossomed. I am aware that my son and I will only have 18 summers together until he is a grown up, which is not a lot!

Hope you enjoy!


Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT? Hydrate yourself!

The summer heat makes us more susceptible to dehydration. It is a great idea to start off your day with a glass of water and carry a water bottle with you to remind yourself to drink.

Hydration is also important for detoxification. Make sure you and your loved ones are drinking water with the lowest level of contaminants possible. We know that normally there are low levels of toxins in our food, water and air. If we can keep these levels low enough, our bodies will get rid of toxins naturally and help us to stay in good health.

At HBCAC we like to recommend that everyone on Long Island consider installing a water filter in his or her home. Water filters are also a more sustainable choice for our planet. Be sure to scroll down and check out our blog post from March 2018, which explains why, “Bottled Water Isn’t Always Better”.

Here are a couple of useful links regarding water quality:

Look up your local water company here: https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/index.php

Information on water filters: https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/water-filter-guide.php

Finally, a tasty note on hydration; add lots of water-rich raw foods like watermelon (an average of 92% water!), green smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, and salads during the hot summer months.


By Tara Marie Kotliar

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