Caution Cellphones


In recent months, many studies have been released that prove the harmful effects of cellphone radiation. As the newest users of these untested products, people had no idea that these phones would give off radiation that could harm them. Before the science could come out, cell phones have ended up in the hands of the majority, including children.

These wonderful devices that revolutionized communication have now been linked to both heart and brain tumors by a recent Italian study. In fact, these results aren't the first. This study supports the results of a previous study provided by the National Toxicology Program which showed that male rats exposed to cell phone radiation had a higher chance of developing cancerous brain and heart tumors. Other studies showed sperm damage, sleep disruption, and lowered brain metabolism.

These studies prove the long term effects of cellphone radiation, however these worrying effects are not limited. Another study proved that pregnant women exposed to short term cellular radiation had a threefold chance of miscarriage.

So, how can you use your cell phone while avoiding these effects? Well, EWG provided helpful guidelines which include : “Use a speaker, hold your phone away from your body, text more than calling, call when the signal is strong, limit children’s cell phone use, and skip the radiation shield”. Simply holding your phone further away from you and putting it across your room at night can aide in limiting your exposure. While, many opt for radiation shield cases, certain types can lower connection which in turn promotes radiation.

These findings should be taken into special consideration for children and teens. As with many harmful things, growing bodies are far more susceptible. Important parts of their bodies are forming rapidly and these small things can have larger effects.

Although throwing away your phone is probably not an option, making a few of these changes can limit your exposure to radiation, and in turn limit your chance of getting certain harmful symptoms. As with everything we explain, a small change in just a few things can make a great difference for your future.

By Sara Frawley

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