Parabens Now Found in Food!


We've talked about the dangers of Parabens in our personal care products, but did you know that they can even be found in food? Propyl Paraben is a dangerous chemical that has recently been found in foods and is even "Generally Recognized as Safe" even though it has been shown to be harmful.

Propyl Paraben is a harmful chemical that is found in certain muffins, tortillas, and even food dyes. It can be added on purpose or as a result of packaging, but either way, it can still be harmful. It is so harmful that the European Union banned it's use, but it is still used and accepted as safe in many common snacks throughout the United States.

Studies found that Propyl Paraben is an endocrine disrupting chemical. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are chemicals that disrupt our hormone system by mimicking our hormones. When they mimic our hormones they can create unintended responses that can lead to diseases in the long run. For example, Propyl Parabens have been linked to decreased sperm counts in rats. It has also been linked to an increase of breast cancer cells and impaired fertility in women. Obviously, it shouldn't be recognized as safe.

So, to help your health in the long run, try to avoid foods containing the ingredient Propyl Paraben. Usually, it is found in pre-packaged foods with lengthy labels so to make this task easier you can use resources such as EWGs Food Scores to check your foods safety. By just switching a few foods in moderation, you can avoid many possible illnesses.

By Sara Frawley

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