Simple Switch


Even the smallest changes can make us better. In a world full of chemicals, switching even one aspect of your life can help you avoid so many problems in the long run.

I used to always think that all you had to do to be healthy was eat healthy. However, when I joined the HBCAC’s Students and Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program, I learned that even if you are eating all the fruits and vegetables in the world, you can still be exposed to unhealthy and sometimes toxic substances. We are exposed to toxins when pesticides containing endocrine disrupting compounds are used to spray the food we eat. These same chemicals and more are also  found in our water supply because they get polluted onto our streets and end up in our community’s underground aquifers. Something as simple as following the daily recommendation of drinking eight glasses of water a day could also be hurting you by exposing you to endocrine disrupting chemicals such as chromium 6 and 1,4 dioxane. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not telling you not to drink water- instead consider a good water filter to avoid these.

When I learned this information I became aware of how often I was being exposed to these chemicals and was eager to make the switch. I started checking the numbers on my fruit to see if it is GMO, covered in pesticides, or organic. Using resources such as, I was able to make the switch to organic foods easily. I then went further and looked into a safer water filter after I learned that little things such as living by a laundromat increased my chances of exposure to chemicals in my water. This information also began to make sense. Many of the people around me who did everything they could to be healthy were being diagnosed with all sorts of cancers and autoimmune diseases. Of course there are genetic factors, but to me, environmental factors are just as important. This information explains the underlying link as to why some of the most health conscious people I knew were facing so many health problems.

And that is why I love HBCAC’s Prevention is the Cure program. They gave me the knowledge and the ability to share this key information with others. I was able to switch my foods, water, and even personal care products for the better and help others to do the same. Because as I’ve learned- it’s much easier to prevent than to cure.

By Sara Frawley

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