My Hazardous Morning Routine

If i were to ask you right now- what are the ingredients in all your personal care products- how many would you actually be able to pronounce correctly or even spend the time listing?

The world of the shower is filled with brightly colored, multi scented, creamy products that we have come to favor for a variety of reasons. Maybe our parents purchased something for us when we were little or maybe we just picked this product randomly because of the packaging. Either way, a majority of these products sit on our shelves for months without question or consideration to the words in fine print-the label.

And as we begin our morning or end the day, we fill the pores of our largest organ, our skin, with new and strange chemicals to feel cleaner. We have perfected and memorized our morning routines to a tee without second guessing our favorite and most trusted products.

I don't know about you but my morning routine goes something like this.

Wake up, brush teeth (1), open shower curtain(2), turn on water(3), use shampoo(4), use conditioner(5), clean myself with shower gels or scented soaps(6), shave(7),and maybe even nick ourselves by accident, use more hair products(8), moisturize(10), do makeup (11), and finally spray our favorite scent so we can smell nice the whole day(12).

Each of these numbers counts the times I may have exposed myself to multiple endocrine disrupting chemicals.

My “most trusted products” and favorite scents may not be so trustworthy after all. Many of these products contain chemicals that can disrupt our natural hormone systems. That floral fruity smelling scent could be giving me new allergies and disrupting my hormone system, predisposing myself for a variety of diseases. Fragrance, a seemingly simple word is code for up to 3,100 chemicals that most likely have not been tested for safety. And that lotion that never seems to run out is probably packed with parabens, estrogen mimicking chemicals, to preserve it. These strange words that cover our products in fine print often going unquestioned are the things we need to focus on. Consider these words as if they were the name of your product. Because switching to a product that does the same job but is fragrance-free, sulfate-free, or paraben-free can make all the difference.

By: Sara Frawley

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