Poison Polish


Many of the chemicals in the personal care and beauty products we use daily contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals don't always get tested because the FDA isn't required to test them. 

One of these harmful chemicals, TPHP, is often found in nail polishes. TPHP is a chemical added to nail polishes to make them more flexible and durable. Think about any long lasting nail polish you've used and imagine how many chemicals are needed to make them last so long. Additionally, different colors of nail polishes can have different amounts of harmful chemicals and this chemical is used primarily in clear nail polish.

These chemicals are such a problem because they are found in so many products. TPHP is found in 49% of tested 3,000 nail polishes by EWG. And, because these products aren't regulated by the FDA, this chemical doesn't have to be listed in the nail polishes ingredients. In a study by Duke, 25% of the nail polishes tested that had TPHP did not list TPHP in their ingredients list. Luckily, using the EWG database, you can search for how safe your nail polishes and other beauty products are.

TPHP is a suspected endocrine disrupting chemical that is even found in flame retardants and foam couches. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are chemicals that disrupt our body's hormone system. Our hormones send signals to the rest of our body, so when these are disrupted, you can face many harmful effects. For example, in animal studies, TPHP was linked to reproductive and developmental abnormalities. In humans, it can even be linked to obesity!

Even though your nails are thick, these chemicals are still absorbed into our body's. This is especially dangerous because many companies make their products without realizing how harmful they can actually be. This is dangerous for everyone including pregnant women. It is so harmful for pregnant women because TPHP is stored in breast milk and can therefore be given to newborn children, predisposing them to a variety of diseases in the future.

Overall, it is very important to consider all the ingredients in the products you use because they can be absorbed into your body. Thankfully, there are great resources such as EWG.com which allow you to search for the products you use to find out how safe they really are.

By: Sara Frawley